*Humans- Humans are one of the most common races in all of Kynt. They generally take up South Peroeu. I think you can guess how humans look like. Hint- they look like everyone around you in real life. South Peroeu has a generally warm and nice climate, but some humans live in the cold, unforgiving area of Aivanidnacs. Aivanidnacian full-blooded humans are actually extinct, unbeknownst among themselves. Everyone of them are descended from the attractive and magical Ix Elves. They are primarily good with melee weapons. *Pixies- Pixies are a race similar to the elven races- though they are airborne and have 75% female ratio, compared to the human and elven gender ratio of 50/50. Good with magic, Pixies have immense amounts of health, but they have weak attacks, relying on their power of health. Pixies have been occupying the forests just north of South Peroeu, near the Guild Registry in Trakf. They are extremely protective of their lands and will put up a fight, but an Ix Elf's magic could destroy everything... *Common Elves- Elves are like humans, except there are taller and have pointed ears. Amazing with magic, they can easily become warlocks at any given time, provided that they just need the spell book. They don't even need to practice spells that can bend the will of nature- though because of this gift, they can unleash hell at the times they don't want it to- often leading Elven Empires to cut back their lands because of unfocused spells. They live in harmony with humans in Isple, but in the east, they can be less forgiving. There are an unknown amount of races of elves.

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